WA’s music scene has a history of producing some of the most exciting and interesting music in the country, making it one of Western Australia’s most important cultural identifiers. Hearing it, and experiencing it being played makes our city more vibrant, more beautiful, more liveable. And yet, Perth is still a very isolated city. In a crowded market place, being heard and noticed above the many other people making noise in this country is one of the biggest challenges facing emerging artists today.

This is where WAM comes in.

We have the knowledge, expertise and connections to guide WA artists through to the next stages of their careers, arming them with the tips and information they need to break free of the noise.

By making a donation to West Australian Music, you will play a vital role in their future success, and strengthen the position of all West Australian artists.

To make a donation over the phone, give us a call on 08 9227 7962.